What are they made out of?
short answer : plastic
long answer : It's a plasic called PLA that melts at a relatively low temperature but keeps it's plastic properties when it cools

How long have you been 3D printing?
short answer : about 3 years
long answer : I bought my first 3D printer about 3 years ago when i was directed to "get a hobby".  I tinkered a lot and enjoyed the challenge so much that I invested in more capable printers.  Finally transitioning into opening an Etsy shop, Website and In-person selling at Farmers Markets and Conventions.

How long does it take for ____ to print?
short answer : It ranges from about 1 hour for keychain dragons to 15 hours for a large size dragon
Long answer : It takes quite a while to create the items one 0.2mm layer at a time.  Small items will print in about an hour but large dragons and dice towers will usually need to run overnight being about 13-15 hour prints. 

How do you put the dragons together?
short answer : I don't
long answer : The dragons ( and most of the designs I pick ) are printed in place, which means that the links are built layer-by-layer with enough clearance to remain movable.  Since the links are built rather than asembled they are stronger and it avoids assembly mistakes or mishaps

How do you get the color(s)?
short answer : It's all in the filament and companies are always coming out with new eyecatching styles and colors.
long answer : I'm constantly on the lookout for new and interesting filaments.  There's an amazing local company ( Proto-pasta ) that has a dizzying selection of creative blends that can create color transition effects, shine or glitteryness

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